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OUR MISSION: SWANA is an organization of professionals committed to advancing from solid waste management to resource management through a shared emphasis on education, advocacy, and research.

Category II – Grant H. Flint International Scholarship

The Category II Grant H. Flint International Scholarship ($5,000) is awarded to applicants who will be entering their junior or senior year of undergraduate studies pursuing a degree in environmental science, environmental studies, engineering or a major applicable to the field of solid waste or resource management. Students must be enrolled full-time in a college or university for the period of time the scholarship will be used or the son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of a member in good standing.  Applications can be found on the SWANA website. 

This scholarship opportunity is available with Sierra Chapter membership. Do you know a very deserving and hard-working student who wants to make a difference and needs some help with college tuition!? 

About swanacal.com

 We are the Central California Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America. Our members serve communities stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Sierra Nevada Mountains by providing everyday solutions to solid waste issues through effective resource management.

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